Comedians You Should See – August 5th at Library Square

Comedians You Should See is back Thursday, August 5th. With Simon King, myself and with Kyle Jones hosting – all only $10 at the door. It’s going to be an awesome show.
If you want to join the Facebook group for Comedians You Should See, go here
You’ll be hearing a lot from Comedians You Should See in the near future.


Notes from the couch on this windy summer Monday

I’m going to the beach – no more unrelaxing today. Some things to shed from my brain as I go avoid drowning in the Ocean:

-“Comedians You Should See” at Library Square has a new start date of August 5th. Ticket info to come, but if you want them now, either find me and give me your money or go to Library Square and buy them.

– September dates will be up soon. My next show is this Wednesday at the apparently rather fun “Fin Pub” in Surrey. If you want to see me again this month after that, email me with why I should come and/or how much you’re going to pay me.

– New Video and Content is on it’s way. Enough with all the demands.

– If anyone can tell me how to retrieve a 700 word post that you accidentally erased, let me know.

Off to swim


Comedians You Should See @ Library Square

Great News – ‘Comedians You Should See’, returns this July to Library Square in Vancouver. After kicking ass at The Presentation House Theater in North Vancouver, Simon King and I are back to warp minds and speak loudly.

This is going to be our new home – lots of great shows coming up. Stay tuned for information.