New School Thursdays – Comedy at The Cove

Every Thursday at 9pm. The Cove. 4th and Alma. Vancouver. $5.

There’s a new show in town. And this one’s a bit lippy.

New School is not just another Comedy Show. For one, its upstairs. That adds some flair right there. Secondly, we give you booze if you go onstage and complain about something. Your job, your neighbour, your gout, whatever. Balls up and bitch and we’ll give you some alcohol. Thirdly, there’s the Joke Board, which allows you to turn us into your joke monkeys. Have some ideas, topics or intentionally obscure subject you’d like a Comic to riff on? Write it down and we’ll go for it. Fourthly, which is a word I’ve never used before, whenever I’m in town, I’ll be there working on some new material. And finally, fifthly, which may not be a word, the show features plenty of the best Comics from Vancouver.

Come have fun with us, and get yourself some laughs and firewater to go with it.


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