The dates are current, I swear

Welcome, or welcome back. I’m sure you want to read something funny now. It would make sense, I’m a comic, this is my website, a site likely didn’t find from Googling ‘mortgage tips’. It makes good sense.
And you’re here, at my website. How kind of you. Of all the sites on the Internet, with all the legal and illegal gambling you could be doing, all the porn, ebay, music, tv, film and all the shared human knowledge available, you’re here. Thank you.
But dammit, come see me live. All the dates are up-to-date on this site, even if blog is as stale as the potato chips I ate the last two nights. Advice – don’t eat old potato chips two nights in a row. You’ll seriously feel not very good at all. I don’t recommend it. Yogurt helps.
Anyways, if it’s your first visit, more everything you need to know about me is here. Check it out. If you’re a return visitor, feel free to post something if you want to see something new, quicker.
Much love,


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