I can believe it’s not butter

Football is on and its grey and rainy – no, wait, it’s balmy outside – and soon depart from my football’y sanctuary and enter into the cold, dreary – no, wait, its still awesome outside – world. I’m going to Marlo Franson’s house, where, in his basement, is a studio. It is from there he does a webcast talk show. So, to sum it up badly, I’m doing a talk show tonight on Justin.tv.
Hello and welcome to anybody who’s reading this because of that. I like your moxy, good choice in your web browsing. If I had something to give away, you’d get it now. I could give you a business card. I have several pens. Do you like cat litter?
Anyways, check out my interview and one of my ComedyFest sets on XM Radio Laff Attack. And let me know how it goes. I don’t have Satellite Radio, so I haven’t heard my other jokes on it, either. And if you have 3DHD, tell me how awesome the game looks.
Lots of shows coming up. See you in your town. Unless you’re in Slovakia or something. Lets say 2013, then.


New Video, and new Blogs soon…

Hey – check out the new jokes on the Video Page. To boot, if you’ like to use your eyes for reading, not watching, look for a schwack of new Blogs in the near future.
And if you’re into actually doing something with your body, come check me out at The Kingston Tonight as I host the 2 year anniversary party. Wear you’re finest Tuxedo or sweatpants, it’ll be a big night.


Brett Martin at The Vancouver Comedy Festival

Exciting news if you’re in to this sort of thing. I’ll be at the Vancouver ComedyFest.  On September 18th, I’ll be at Lafflines doing an XM Satellite Radio taping.  Then September 23rd, I’ll be at Library Square for ‘Comedians You Should See’ at the ComedyFest. That will be a great show, which is a bit absurd to say – unlikely anyone will ever tell you their show will suck.  But check these shows out, especially Comedians You Should See. There will be very special guests and rampant alcoholism.

Check out the ComedyFest site for details.